Offer CherryTop Weddings Activity Booklets to your guests

We have created a unique and exciting new product which is on trend and creates truly interactive memorable experiences for its users. We created this product with the firm belief that weddings, in their current form, are actually missing out on immersion, interactivity and inclusion opportunities. We believe that when combined, these opportunities can create something truly special for couples and guests on their wedding day.

Our product is based on sharing, and our business model is no different. We are always looking for wedding venues and planners that share our passion for delivering only the best of experiences.

If you have the same attitude and strive to look after your clients and give them the best possible wedding day, then we would be proud to work with you.

The businesses that we work with, we consider to be our partners. We build these partnerships on foundations of trust, integrity and commitment to service. If you would like to join a partnership with us, we would love to hear from you.

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