Legal Bits and Pieces

We’re a pretty decent bunch of people, and so we like to do things right! We have spent time reviewing all of our legal documents and processes to ensure that we are doing the right thing by you, our valued customer, and we are giving you all the information you could ever want about this.

Below are links to the various legal documents which have all been reviewed in 2021 to ensure that we are up to date on the law and handling your data appropriately.

Terms of use (of website)

Everything you need to know about what happens when you use our website.


Not the biscuit type, but the little bits of code which are placed on your computer when you use our site. Basically, this helps us provide a better service to you!

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Who we are, all about our Booklets and the agreement you enter into when buying one! Every company needs one of these, but ours is written in a language you’ll understand.

Privacy Policy

What information we collect from you when you use our website, or buy our product, and how we use and store this information. Don’t worry – it’s all for the greater good…