Our Story

CherryTop Weddings was started with a simple mission : say goodbye to boring wedding favours!

  • We've all been to good weddings, we've all been to great weddings, we've probably even been to a bad wedding or two. In all of those though, how many times did we walk away with a truly special keepsake of the day?

    Something more than just homemade biscuits, sugared almonds or a bag of flower seeds.

    It's a sad fact that wedding favours are the afterthought of the wedding planning journey, and it's no wonder that so many wedding favours are just eaten or left at the tables once the celebrations finish, never to be remembered again.

    It shouldn't be that way though.

  • We wanted to go the proverbial extra mile, and really make the booklets special...

Your wedding should be perfect, and part of that perfection is giving your guests a timeless memento of your special day.

  • CherryTop Weddings was started 3 years ago by a passionate team of 3 in the heart of Cornwall.

    3 years on and our little team has grown, our offices are bigger, and we have been a part of hundreds and hundreds of weddings all over the UK and abroad.

    We are as passionate as ever about our mission though. Goodbye boring wedding favours!

Meet The Team!

CherryTop Weddings Team - marriage of Aaron and Becky Hutchens

Alex Ridd - General Manager

Phoebe Carter-Dawson - Head of Customer Service

Aaron Hutchens - Marketing

Emma Waplington - Design

Becky Stanhope - Design

Tristan Barratt - Web Design

Daniel Allatt – Tech Systems

Steve Ridd - Director

Teresa Ridd - Director

Phil Allatt - Director

You've met us, now meet our products...

The Booklets