Our Story

We believe that everything in life should have the cherry put on top. Whether that be making a walk an adventure or a wedding favour something more than just a forgettable truffle.

  • People love the innocence and let-loose-fun that children have. We don’t believe it is in our nature to become stale and boring as we grow old, but it is so often the case. There is a big kid in all of us, and we love bringing this out in people, firstly as the founders of the UKs largest family adventure walk company; Treasure Trails, and now with the only company in the world providing immersive Wedding Favour Activity booklets; CherryTop Weddings. 


    Family is at our core. All of our team are considered family (some actually are!) and we want to provide you with the same experience we provided Johnny, the son of Steve and Teresa Ridd, founders of CherryTop Weddings, when he got married to Jenni in 2018. 

  • We wanted to go the proverbial extra mile, and really make the booklets special...

We believe that sharing moments and memories with family and friends is where happiness truly lies.

  • Tasked with the creation of an entertaining activity booklet to act as a unique wedding favour for the guests at their wedding, CherryTop Weddings was born. 


    A great conversational piece at the table, a great way to learn more about the happy couple, and a great way to make a memorable wedding favour, we are immensely proud of our creation, and hope that you will be too when it features as part of your special day. 

Thank you for letting us put the cherry on top of so many of your weddings. There is nothing we love more.

Meet The Team!

CherryTop Weddings Team - marriage of Aaron and Becky Hutchens

Alex Ridd - General Manager

Lucy Mortimer - Head of Customer Service

Steve Ridd - Founder & Director

Teresa Ridd - Director

Phil Allatt- Director

Emma Waplington - Design

Becky Hutchens - Design

Rachel Foxton - Copywriter

Aaron Hutchens - Marketing

Tristan Barratt - Web design

You've met us, now meet our products...

The Booklets