Games, Puzzles and Quizzes to choose from for your Activity Booklets

Whilst our booklets do offer a truly unique and special memento for you and your guests, it is just as important that they provide entertainment to your guests on the day itself. We have created a range of activities for you to choose from that will have your guests smiling, laughing and playing together. An ice-breaker like no other.

Our range of activities includes personalised quizzes, puzzles and games to suit all guests.

When it comes to building your experience and creating your perfect booklets, that is when you will need to choose which activities you would like to include. You will need to select 6 activities for your booklets.

In the meantime, the information below should give a little flavour for how some of them work, and what they can offer your guests.

The Happy Couple Quiz - Wedding Favours and Wedding Games

The Happy Couple Quiz

We've probably all seen or at least know how the Mr and Mrs Quizzes on the TV work. Here is your chance to make one for yourselves, but the question is, how well do your guests know you? You'll need to think of six fun questions about yourselves, where the answer is one or the other of you. The questions can be as sensible or wacky as you wish! Not only will your guests have some fun but they will also learn a little bit about you.

The Limerick Challenge - Wedding Favours and Wedding Games

The Limerick Challenge

I am a limerick game, creating laughter is my aim, if you choose me, I'll fill your guests with glee, because their limericks won't be quite so tame. Your guests are given the opening line of a limerick and must use their wit, imagination and creativity to complete the remaining lines. You choose from a number of possible opening lines that all end with words with rhyming potential, no silver or oranges here!

Love Letters - Wedding Favours and Wedding Games

Love Letters

Secret messages, a twist on a classic puzzle, and even a riddle. Sure to have your guests swapping answers and sneaking peeks, this is a wordsearch like no other. The words to be found in the heart-shaped grid are all linked to weddings and marriage, and the remaining letters spell out a tricky riddle that will have the guests chatting, conferring and hopefully not cheating!

Words of Wisdom

Also known as mad libs, this improvising little activity gives your guests a piece of text which requires them to fill in blanks to create sentences. Trust us, it's more exciting than it sounds! The result of their efforts should be a fun source of advice to help you have a long and happy marriage.

Our Secret Message - Wedding Favours and Wedding Games

Our Secret Message

Breaking codes, discovering hidden messages, deciphering symbols, this activity has it all. You'll write a secret message for your guests, which will be converted into a secret code which the guests can decipher using the symbols on the page in the booklet. You can of course write any message you wish. However, whether your guests can crack your code and uncover the message is a different story.

Picture This - Wedding Favours and Wedding Games

Picture This

One of our favourites, this creative game sees you write down a brief description of a scene or place that is very special to you both. Your guests are then encouraged to draw this scene in the frame on the page. Drawing talents are absolutely not required, the less talented ones often make for the more hilarious submissions!

Round the world wedding quiz - Wedding Favours and Wedding Games

The Round The World Wedding Quiz

The world would be a dull place if we all liked the same thing, goes the saying. This quiz is based on wedding traditions around the world, and trust us, they are not dull! It's multiple choice with 12 questions all based on wedding traditions from around the world. If you or your guests think they have been to strange weddings before, think again...

Say what you see - Wedding Favours and Wedding Games

Say What You See

This activity does what it says on the tin. Clichés aside though, this cheeky challenge is made up of 6 visual puzzles which depict a word, phrase or well-known saying linked to weddings. A certain amount of lateral thinking is required, and this activity will certainly generate a huge amount of debate around the tables. Let the brain-teasing begin!

Find the guest - Wedding Favours and Wedding Games

Find The Guest

The ultimate ice-breaker, requiring your guests to speak to as many other guests as they can. Points can be won for identifying guests that match the criteria on the page, from finding guests who have climbed mountains, to ones with a certain number of siblings. It is a great way of getting guests who don't know each other to talk to and get to know each other, just watch out for that one relative who will tell you they've done everything, everyone has one!

Wedding Speech Bingo - Wedding Favours and Wedding Games

Wedding Speech Bingo

Cue hilarious results, we have created a bingo card for the page which contains popular words and phrases used in wedding speeches. As guests listen to the speeches, they can cross off any that are said by the speakers. The question is will anyone get a line or a full house? Eyes down!

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True or False - Wedding Favours and Wedding Games

True Or False?

You will miss an opportunity if you don't choose this activity. Now was that true or false? We'll let you decide. For this one, you'll need to think of 3 fun or bizarre facts about yourselves. We will then mix these up with 3 falsehoods, which you can either write yourselves or choose from a list we will provide (some are tame, some are wild!). Your guests then have to decide which of the 6 facts on the page are true, and which are false.

Popping the Question - Wedding Favours and Wedding Games

Popping The Question

You'll need to think of 5 questions about yourselves where the answer to each question is a number. These 5 answers will be put on balloons on the page in the booklet, along with an extra number which was not an answer to one of your questions. The guests' job is to work out which balloon is left by popping the 5 balloons containing the correct answers to your questions. It's actually a lot simpler than it sounds, and it'll have your guests questioning their choices and debating with each other before heading to the answers.

Where were we - Wedding Favours and Wedding Games

Where Were We?

Who needs Insta, we've got Ana. Yes, this is an anagram game. The anagrams though will be of places you have visited or are important to you. Once you've thought of 6 places, your answers will be converted to anagrams which the guests must then unravel. Did your colleagues know you'd been to Outer Mongolia? They do now!

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