Free Sample Wedding Favour Activity Booklet

Fill in the form and we'll post you a free wedding favour activity sample booklet.

Personalised wedding favour booklets your guests will love

(whether they're aged 7 or 107)

Imagine your guests' delight, sitting at the table and opening one of your beautifully-designed booklets full of personalised messages, photos and activities.

A wedding favour like no other:

  • Want to give your speeches an extra dimension?
  • Wedding Speech Bingo could be the game for you.
  • Do you have guests who are never lost for words?
  • Put their skills to good use with The Limerick Challenge.
  • How well do your guests know you?​
  • Let them find out in the "Happy Couple" quiz.
  • Have interesting facts you'd like to share with your guests?
  • Choose our "True or False?" quiz. Will they know which facts about you are true and which are not?
  • Not all weddings are made equal.
  • Test your guests' knowledge of bizarre wedding traditions from around the world. many more activities to choose from.

Fill in the form and we'll post you a free wedding favour activity sample booklet.

“The booklets are amazing! I am absolutely delighted with them and cannot wait for Antonia & Matty to see them at their wedding celebration. Everything was so beautifully presented.  Thank you! ”

“I like the idea of increasing interactivity between guests on a table, especially as not everyone knows one another so it’s a nice way of breaking the ice whilst also giving the couple a lasting memento.”

“I love these booklets! Such a wonderful way of commemorating our special day. The customer service has been excellent throughout the process, I can’t recommend Cherry Top Weddings enough!”