A man getting ready for a wedding

Wedding Favours for Men

When you’re looking for that unforgettable quirky wedding favour idea, customising your wedding favours for men and women is something to consider. Today, explore some options that could make for striking, memorable favours at your wedding!

Custom Jewellery

A man fixing his cufflinksIt’s traditional for the men of the wedding party to be gifted matching cufflinks. One way to make a splash with your wedding favours and give a real treat to your wedding guests would be to provide every man at the wedding with the parting gift of a pair of cufflinks. With a custom design, they’ll remind them of your wedding every time they wear them…perhaps even at the next wedding they attend!

This is an idea at the upper end of most budgets, especially when also considering a similar gift for female guests. But if you have the money to spend, it’s one to consider.

His and Hers

One great way to make your wedding favours more personal is to give the guests that are attending as couples matched ‘his and hers’ favours. You might choose drinks miniatures, kitchen herbs and spices, or even toothbrushes - the key is something that can easily be paired and labelled as a ‘his and hers’ gift.

It’s a playful touch you can make work with any budget and will certainly be remembered by couples. It’s also an idea you can easily adapt for same-sex couples and single guests at your wedding.

CherryTop Weddings

Wedding couple laughing at CherryTop Weddings bookletIf you choose CherryTop Weddings activity booklets for your wedding favours, you can use them to get in on the fun too. The games, puzzles and even the look of our favours are all customisable, so you can set challenges at each table, quizzes to cooperate on or beat each other at, or unique puzzles geared to either men, or women, to ensure you are providing something for all the guests at your wedding! It’s a great way to break up the existing dynamics among people who sit down together for the reception and make sure strangers get talking and break the ice. 

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