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Unusual Wedding Favours and Invitations

Planning a wedding is one of the big challenges of your life; there are so many things to get right if you want to create the day you’ve always dreamed about. A couple of things that can help you create a memorable wedding day that'll stay with your guests long after the last of the champagne is drunk are original or unusual invitation designs and wedding favour ideas.

Your wedding invitation is how most of your guests will learn about your wedding, while your wedding favours are what they’ll take home as a memento. As bookends for the experience, they can strongly influence people’s impressions, so it’s well worth taking some time to come up with striking ideas.

Memorable Wedding Invitations

Navy art deco wedding invitationsYour wedding invitation is your first opportunity to make an impression, broadcasting exactly what your wedding will be about. The most important thing you can do is make sure you’ve decided on a consistent aesthetic for your wedding early on, so your invitations are a part of the wider visual identity of your wedding.

With the overall colour scheme and tone set, you can look for unique ways to present your wedding invitation that'll make it stand out. One of the most effective ways to do this is to tie the design of your wedding invitation to something specific about your wedding day. If you’re having your wedding abroad, sending out your invitations with a passport-style wraparound is unusual, striking and effective while also communicating something important about your wedding!

While it’s slightly more expensive than printing a standard sheet of card or paper, it's worth looking into cut-out designs to make an impression with your invitations. A folded card with a cut-out section on the front allows for more interesting designs and images or to preview the information inside in a bold, striking way.

You could also add an original touch by commissioning your own artwork for your invitations; social media makes working artists more available than ever. If you’ve got a friend who’s an artist, using their work can add a lovely personal touch. Just expect to pay fairly for the art and make sure you have a realistic expectation of how long it will take. Always double-check that the artist knows your intent is to have the image printed and distributed; this may change the terms. Remember, they’re making something incredibly important for you, so it’s only reasonable to treat them fairly when they do it!

Unique Wedding Favours

 Succulent wedding favoursWedding favours do important things; they’re a way for you to express yourselves, and they’re a lasting memento for your guests. So, ideally, you want to choose something that’ll stand out while expressing something about your identity as a couple on the day of your wedding.

To really fix the event in people’s minds, you could include key details as part of the wedding favour; pinpointing the venue location on a map and using that as the design for a coaster or card, for example, creates an unusual and very memorable memento.

To make an impression, leave guests with an unusual wedding favour that’ll be useful almost immediately; maybe a personalised bag of coffee or tea leaves that they can brew up for a bit of a boost the morning after your celebrations. You could include a custom design or message on the bags to make sure they’re unmistakably your wedding favours.

Houseplants are enjoying a revival at the moment, and a small succulent makes a quirky, unique wedding favour that’ll remind guests of your wedding every time they see it! You could even customise the pot with a design or message that would tie it directly to your wedding, making it a keepsake to cherish.

It’s equally important to tie your wedding favours to the overall aesthetic of your wedding. As a memento, they’re your guests’ way back to memories of the big day. Whether it’s in colour scheme, word choice or design motif, try to ensure your wedding favours provide a clear link to the rest of the choices you’ve made about how your wedding looks.

At CherryTop Weddings, we have a unique idea for wedding favours that actually help make your wedding day more fun and memorable. Our activity booklets include fun quizzes and puzzles that your guests can work on cracking together, breaking the ice and forming new friendships from the first minute of the reception. They’re also entirely personal; everything from the quizzes to the design is based on your relationship and your story!

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