Wedding favour in a personalised jar

Unique Wedding Favour Boxes

Your wedding favours are a great chance to leave a lasting impression of your wedding with your guests. This personal touch remains with them long after you’ve departed for your honeymoon! Using wedding favour boxes is a popular way to present your wedding favours stylishly; take a look at how you can make this tradition your own.

Choosing Your Boxes

Sugared almonds in pretty boxesYour choice of box is partially dictated by what you’re going to put in it. If your wedding favours include delicacies like sugared almonds or macarons, you’ll need something robust. You might want to think about small boxes or jars that can be decorated with ribbons and will keep edible wedding favours safe.

It’s definitely worth considering personalised wedding favour boxes. Including a personal message or even a simple handwritten name tag will help show the recipient how much it means to have them at your wedding.

When you’re choosing your boxes, think about your venue, your service and the general aesthetic of the day. If the design you choose reflects the look of your wedding, they’ll function all the better as mementoes. It’s also worth looking at your other wedding favour options; if you include CherryTop Weddings activity booklets, you can carry some customisation over between them and your wedding favour boxes, linking the whole day together.

Doing it Yourself

Origami gift boxesOne way to add that all-important personal touch is by making your wedding favour boxes yourselves. This allows you to tailor them completely to your practical needs and aesthetic choices. You could either make simple boxes yourselves from scratch or, to make the task more achievable, buy templates to fold together or plain boxes you can decorate to match the decorations on your wedding day.

This is definitely not a task to attempt alone. Even with a short guest list, assembling and filling wedding favour boxes is a big job. But with a longer list (the average in the UK gets closer to 100 guests each year), it could take days! Recruit friends and family to help; with food, drink and music or films, you can take the stress out of the task and make a fun, pre-wedding social occasion!

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