Top Honeymoon Destinations

Top Honeymoon Destinations

The honeymoon. When the wedding day can sometimes go too quickly, a blink and you’ll miss it swirl of celebrations, friendly faces and first dances, the honeymoon can be a chance to continue the celebrations for a longer period of time.

Whether you choose to jetset somewhere hot and sandy, or go for something a little more low key, there really is no right answer. The main thing, of course, is being able to spend quality time with your new spouse, and it really is quality time. It’s called a honeymoon period for a reason!

As always, here at the CherryTop Weddings HQ, we are curious to find out what appeals to different people when considering their perfect honeymoons. So we asked some of our members of staff to give us their thoughts…. Just to spice things up though, the question we asked was “If money was absolutely no object, where would you go for your perfect honeymoon?”. In classic CherryTop style, creativity was extremely encouraged and as referenced earlier in this article, there is no right answer, and equally no wrong answer. Although some of these came close!

Emma's choice - a honeymoon in the Maldives

First we asked Emma, our very talented head of design. Emma has been with CherryTop since we started, and has helped shape the business to where it is now. Emma describes her perfect honeymoon destination, with money being no object as “Well, I’ve recently got into paddle boarding with my partner, Matt, and we’ve got a bit of a bug for it! So we would head to somewhere with lots of sun, and the clearest, nicest water possible to indulge in our newfound hobby. I think the Maldives is renowned for its water, so that’s my choice.”

Secondly, we turned to Steve. Steve is a director of the business. A self-confessed big kid at heart, we were expecting an imaginative response, he didn’t let us down:

“Alex, I’d go to the moon. Or at least as close as possible.” 

After a quick trip to Google, I see that this may well be more possible than I thought. There are, in theory, 6 guest places available in 2022 to travel to the Aurora Space Station. It will cost a cool $13 million per person to do so, but hey, I did say money was no object!

Teresa's choice - a round the world cruise...

We then took a trip upstairs to Teresa. Teresa is our customer happiness manager, a job she takes an immense amount of pride in. Teresa, despite referencing her fond memories of her own Tenerife honeymoon in 1987, had this to say “A round the world cruise. Easy. Has anyone else said that? Surely it’s a no brainer!”

As for me? Well I’m getting married in September 2021 to my best friend and mother of my child, Sarah. On the off chance she reads this article I might just play it safe and tell you that my perfect honeymoon will be the one we have planned, which will be 10 days in Jamaica. Perhaps the perfect honeymoon would have been one we didn’t have to come back from, because I have a feeling that our whole trip could be a blink and you’ll miss it swirl! I’ll keep you posted...

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