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Summer Wedding Favours

There’s nothing like a summer wedding; the blue skies, blazing sun and blooming flowers make an idyllic backdrop for wedding photos. Everyone smiles and looks their best, and there’s no better setting for a wedding party than a long, hot summer evening.

Wedding favours that link to the season will help keep the memory of that summer day alive for your guests. Take a look at some sweet wedding favour ideas for summer, gathered by CherryTop Weddings.


Colourful sunglasses

There’s no more iconic summer accessory than a pair of shades, so they make a great wedding favour. Better still, you can personalise them! Whether it’s a name tag or decorations, custom sunglasses are more fun, personal and an even better reminder of your summer wedding. 


Pitcher of homemade drink

Drinks miniatures are a popular wedding favour, especially when personalised with a gift label. If you decide to go down this route, try and pick drinks that tie in with the season. Limoncello brings to mind dreamy Italian summers, while Pimms is a symbol of English summertime. You could even experiment with infusing and bottling your own drinks - rhubarb gin is a good option to begin with.


Plant pots with herbsSummer is the time everybody with a garden rediscovers it. A little plant or some seeds as a wedding favour guests can grow and nurture right through to the autumn is a great way to keep the memory of your wedding alive. Herbs can be a good idea here; the right choice could be very hardy and also something your guests will regularly use, reminding them of your wedding day every time they cook.


Honey with honey stick

A related idea is food, once again sticking closely to the associations of summer. A small bottle of olive oil or jar of honey are both strongly linked to the summer, and, depending on your venue, it may even be something you could source locally. Every bit of additional attention to detail like that makes it a better wedding favour and a more potent reminder of your day.

A less enduring symbol, but a welcome gesture, might be to greet guests leaving your wedding party with an ice cream van; a summer tradition, and a playful, quirky touch that'll long be remembered.


You don’t want your guests getting sunburnt while they celebrate you, and little bottles of suncream are a memorable way to show you care. Rather than giving this favour at the end of the night, hand them out at the beginning of your reception, or it might be too late! 

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