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Quirky Wedding Favour Ideas

Weddings come with many traditions and customs attached; so many it can sometimes feel like it’s a challenge to make your wedding a truly personal celebration. One way to make your mark is your wedding favours. These parting gifts can be a truly personal touch and shape the lasting impression your guests have of your wedding.

Take a look at these quirky ideas for wedding favours that put a personal stamp on the day.

Seasonal Favours

Dried flowersOne way to put a quirky, personal stamp on your wedding day is to tie it to the seasons. If you’re planning a wedding in October, start thinking about autumn wedding favours. If you’ve got a garden - especially if you’re known by your friends as a couple of keen gardeners - then drying flowers you’ve grown yourselves over the summer to give as wedding favours (or use as eco-friendly confetti) is a wonderful, personal touch.

If your wedding is in winter, a personalised Christmas tree ornament or snow globe is a fantastic thing to put in your wedding favour boxes. If your wedding is planned for a long summer night, sparklers might be a nice touch! Spring is all about new beginnings; here, seeds are a lovely idea.


Heart candySugared almonds are a traditional wedding favour, but if you’re looking for more individual, inspired options, there are lots out there! Did you know it’s possible to get photos printed onto sweets, like chocolates or marshmallows? Choose a few meaningful pictures, and you’ll have a personalised wedding favour people won’t forget in a hurry.

You could also put a memorable, quirky spin on ordinary sweets. Set up a pick and mix table and let your guests help themselves to a bag on the way out of your wedding. It’s a fun blast from the past that’ll ensure they leave with a smile on their faces!

Activities and Games

CherryTop Wedding bookletsPuzzles and games are an excellent focus for your wedding favour planning, especially when you’re aiming for a more individual wedding. Personalised mini-jigsaw pieces or whole puzzles are a fun reminder of the day and can be quite romantic; you’ve each been unified with your missing piece.

CherryTop Weddings specialises in quirky wedding favours through activity booklets. Personalised to your relationship and your story, they’re a totally individual wedding favour that people will remember forever afterwards as well as laugh over on the day itself!

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