The Effects of Covid on Relationships

The Effects of Covid on Relationships

Blimey, no, this isn’t about people who loved lockdown. Were there any?!

Actually, thinking about it, there was a lot I did love about lockdown. When else would it be acceptable to be sitting in your dressing gown, watching trash TV and drinking wine at 11 in the morning?! If you’re sitting in your dressing gown watching trash TV drinking wine right now reading this, I’m not judging you! If anything, I’m a little envious…

But anyway, no, this mysteriously titled post is actually about how surviving a global pandemic and self-isolating with our partners has brought so many of us together 😊

During lockdown so-called 'turbo relationships' flourished. Couples felt that two months together had felt like two years of commitment.

This certainly happened with me and my partner – at the start of lockdown we jumped in at the deep end together with both feet when I moved in with her.

Having the time together, free of our normal commitments, meant that we could do things they hadn’t considered before.

Having the time together, free of our normal commitments, meant that we (and many couples) could do things they hadn’t considered before. In our house we got quite competitive over whose was the best banana bread! Did you find yourself, as we did, getting ever-more-creative with the contents of the fridge and cupboard now you weren’t food shopping so frequently? We are thinking of publishing a recipe book – ‘99 ways with dried pasta, self-raising flour and Nutella’. Our ‘leftovers’ were transformed into gourmet meals (even if I do say so myself!).

Together we got stuck into online fitness sessions (well, okay then – kids’ PE), although with the two of us in a small living room and an excitable spaniel joining in – well, let’s just say that although we could see him, I am just glad that Joe Wicks couldn’t see us back! And those daily, one-hour walks with said excitable spaniel gave us a chance to chat freely about 101 different things.

The ‘we’re all in this together’ message felt personal. Cocooned in our own little ‘bubble, we felt like it was ‘us against the world’. No wonder really that many couples feel more united than ever before. Amidst the pasta, PE and ‘accusations’ of over-extravagance with the diminishing loo paper supply we gradually realised that we had fallen deeply, hopelessly, helplessly in love!

My partner and I are delighted to be in the Lockdown Lovers category. In normal times it would have taken us years to get to know each other as well as we did spending all day, every day together during lockdown. Instead of that, we are now expecting a baby and getting married next year! All thanks to the banana bread.

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