Wedding Shows

Wedding Shows

Wedding shows are well and truly back, and what a welcome return it is...

Wow! How great it was recently to take another step towards ‘normal’ by being able to exhibit at not one, but two lovely wedding shows!

After having been starved of the opportunity to talk ‘all things wedding’ face to face for so many months, both wedding couples and wedding suppliers alike had a great time in Wadebridge, Plymouth and Exeter talking over ideas for upcoming nuptials.

For us at CherryTop Weddings, it was a great opportunity to showcase our lovely range of booklets, and explain the benefits of our product which incorporates wedding entertainment, favours, live-stream capability and a virtual guestbook, all rolled into one!

We met some lovely people, and it felt so good to experience the positive vibes in the room at both shows. Despite the heartache of having had to cancel two, three or even more previous prospective wedding dates, couples were full of enthusiasm and optimism for the future. And so were we!

We were also delighted to have the chance to talk to other wedding suppliers. It’s no secret that the past fourteen months have hit hospitality in general, and the wedding industry in particular, really hard, but suppliers have picked themselves up and dusted themselves off, ready to go again, with a mission to help happy couples create the wedding of their dreams.

We have more shows lined up, and we are so looking forward to meeting more excited engaged couples and hearing their plans for their big day. And then, before we know it, we’ll be into national wedding show season. A return to normality is just around the corner!

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